95ers sci-fi universe.

95ers is an epic sci-fi universe created by Tom and James Durham

In the distant future, the Reckoning is about to devour the Earth.  Time machines provide an escape into the past, where refugees and fugitives seek new homes and lives.

But their troubles follow them.  Soon, their wars and intrigues span thousands of years, warping history and creating explosive timespace paradoxes.

For reasons known only to a few, the great timespace rift known to some as Interstate 95 is the most important battleground.  And there, the 95ers—human time machines—are born.  They are the warriors, the pawns, and the heroes who will either save the world, or unravel time and choice into oblivion.


95ers: ECHOES (aka 95ers: TIME RUNNERS) – a feature film written/directed by Tom Durham now in international distribution
Click here to visit the official movie website.
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95ers: Archangel – a novel by Tom Durham
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95ers poster with time traveler turning into particles.


95ers concept art by Kip RasmussenUnderneath the genre-busting technologies, supernatural battlefields, and mind-bending paradoxes is a foundation of real history and science—and a soulful exploration of human choice.  The romance, action, and cosmic mysteries cross time and space in ways never seen before, with a cast of characters that someday you’ll be dressing up as for Halloween.




95ers movie poster.The first major creative work in the 95ers universe is the award-winning film 95ers: Echoes (aka 95ers: TIME RUNNERS).  As a wildly ambitious indie, the behind-the-scenes story has inspired creatives all over the world, and it’s growing international fan base is calling for more.  Visit the official website to find out how to buy or watch online.

95ers: ECHOES tells the story of Sally Jo Biggs, an FBI agent with time-bending powers she doesn’t understand.  When her scientist husband disappears, she becomes obsessed with paranormal phenomena surrounding the mystery.  But sinister forces from the future want their secrets kept, and Sally is forced onto a battlefield she never knew existed.

This first film, as the bad guy says, “…is the tip of the tip of the iceberg…” in the 95ers universe.

(Artwork by Kip Rasmussen and Tom Durham.)


95ers: ECHOES movie trailer…

6 Responses to “95ers”

  1. Ray Acosta October 15, 2014 1:56 pm #

    Your movie is not available in my country. There is no choice! :(

    • Tom Durham November 15, 2014 10:49 am #

      I promise it’s coming soon… :) What country?

    • Shawna December 27, 2014 3:17 pm #

      You can watch it on Amazon.com movies regardless of country

  2. Michael January 17, 2015 5:18 am #

    What a surprise this movie was for me!

    First of all, i love it. At first watching i was a bit underwhelmed with some of the shots
    and the choice of framing but than i read more about the production and i was stunned.

    From a Dreanor Trollhunter, Mediclorian Geek and DeLorean driver;
    When can we expect 95ers:Restoration or 95ers:Navigators or whatever?

  3. Jason January 25, 2015 4:29 pm #

    not available in UK. or I have not seen it for sale ( only USA copies available). would like to be able buy it as its sci-fi and time travel,two of my greatest movie types.

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