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95ers movie reviews

My movie gets the BEST REVIEWS EVER!!!

Okay, okay, this blog post has kind of a brazen title. BUT, struggling writers and filmmakers are locked in mortal combat with movie distribution and publishing industries that have a bigger appetite for dollars than for good stories.  We need to remember that if we have something uplifting and interesting to say–the audience is indeed […]

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Pixie Perfect Movie 1

PIXIE PERFECT – my new movie project

Pixie Perfect (temporary movie poster)- directed by Tom Durham, starring Ali Durham I’m happy to finally announce my magical new movie project… Pixie Perfect.   Ever since 95ers went into international distribution, I’ve been deep deep DEEP in development on other projects.  What is a useful, imaginative, fun, poignant, life-changing, highly original, fundable, etc etc […]

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Tom the director acting like a nut on set, wearing a Star Trek shirt his kids made for him.

INDIE SCI-FI – from the basement to worldwide distribution

So, you like behind-the-scenes special features on big Hollywood movies? Well, in case you were wondering how some broke filmmakers made a ludicrously ambitious sci-fi film, won a bunch of awards, and got it into worldwide distribution, I cooked up these somewhat funny and nutty “making of” clips about my flick, 95ers. Sci-fi fans, aspiring […]

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i wanna do

Get your book written or film done in 2014!!!

This is a message for artists and storytellers of all kinds who want to get a big project done in 2014, who aren’t lucky enough yet to earn a living from their art or stories, which probably includes most artists and storytellers on this planet. New Year’s day, 2014.  Here’s what I did this morning: […]

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NASA Space Shuttle Atlantis launches

Tom Durham dot com launches!

Welcome to my website everyone!  It launches today, October 3, 2013, exactly 28 years after the space shuttle Atlantis first lifted off. The connection is kind of cool, actually, and totally unplanned.  Atlantis… a mythical place full of wonder… a real-life spacecraft… now the stuff of legends… firing the soul and the imagination… Hmmm…  Dare […]

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95ers portfolio

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