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Curiously, they wouldn't let us in with our light sabers.  Dec 17th.

The Enchanted Spacefaring Pirate Castle 2016

Happy New Year Ladies, Lords, space buccaneers, jedi, cyborgs, extraterrestrials of all kinds, and denizens of the fairy kingdom, I hope we will cross paths this year in one dimension or another. I felt very blessed in 2015 and 2016 is sure to be filled with thrills and chills. Welcome to my project update! I […]

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Pixie Perfect Movie 1

PIXIE PERFECT – my new movie project

Pixie Perfect (temporary movie poster)- directed by Tom Durham, starring Ali Durham I’m happy to finally announce my magical new movie project… Pixie Perfect.   Ever since 95ers went into international distribution, I’ve been deep deep DEEP in development on other projects.  What is a useful, imaginative, fun, poignant, life-changing, highly original, fundable, etc etc […]

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Silmarillion Artwork Giveaway

EDIT: A big thank you to everyone who participated in the Silmarillion Artwork Giveaway! It was a blast! Make sure to stay tuned on my Twitter account for more fun contests, quotes, and other various forms of sci-fi / fantasy nuttiness! I have some very exciting news for hobbits, dwarves, and elves alike: over the […]

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Varda thumb2

The Most Underappreciated Work of Fantasy Ever – THE SILMARILLION – Part 3 of 4

There’s a Silmarillion movie in this post…  What?  A Silmarillion movie?? Read on, Middle Earth wayfarer… In Part 1, The Silmarillion was praised and placed in its rightful place as one of the great works of literature. In Part 2, Lord of the Rings fans were tantalized with some of the deep back stories that […]

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Ungoliant (ancient ancestor of Shelob) traps Melkor, and demands that he feed her the silmarils–the stolen jewels that contain the last light of Valinor. Illustration by Kip Rasmussen.

The Most Underappreciated Work of Fantasy Ever – THE SILMARILLION – Part 2 of 4

So, in Part 1, I unapologetically lavished praise on J. R. R. Tolkien’s masterpiece—a masterpiece among masterpieces, yea a towering feat of literary and fantasy profundity: The Silmarillion. A few of you chuckled compassionately.  A few of you nodded gravely.  A few of you rolled your eyes.  To all of you I say: read it […]

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i wanna do

Get your book written or film done in 2014!!!

This is a message for artists and storytellers of all kinds who want to get a big project done in 2014, who aren’t lucky enough yet to earn a living from their art or stories, which probably includes most artists and storytellers on this planet. New Year’s day, 2014.  Here’s what I did this morning: […]

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NASA Space Shuttle Atlantis launches

Tom Durham dot com launches!

Welcome to my website everyone!  It launches today, October 3, 2013, exactly 28 years after the space shuttle Atlantis first lifted off. The connection is kind of cool, actually, and totally unplanned.  Atlantis… a mythical place full of wonder… a real-life spacecraft… now the stuff of legends… firing the soul and the imagination… Hmmm…  Dare […]

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