The Enchanted Spacefaring Pirate Castle 2016

Curiously, they wouldn't let us in with our light sabers.  Dec 17th.

Curiously, they wouldn’t let us in with our light sabers.

Happy New Year Ladies, Lords, space buccaneers, jedi, cyborgs, extraterrestrials of all kinds, and denizens of the fairy kingdom,

I hope we will cross paths this year in one dimension or another. I felt very blessed in 2015 and 2016 is sure to be filled with thrills and chills.

Welcome to my project update!

I plan to spend lots of time adventuring in a few fantastical realms of my own making, and I invite you to join me…


Pixie Perfect movie - magical suburbia

Pixie Perfect

Lots of progress has been made on this hilarious and poignant family fantasy movie.  Networking, letters of intent, business plans, the completed screenplay, meetings of all kinds, and now… a TEASER!

(For those of you you haven’t heard about this…  Pixie Perfect is the story of a part-time tooth fairy living in suburbia with her family, and doing all the wrong things to try and keep up with the perfect pixie life.  Finally, a fairy tale about the most magical people in the whole world—moms!  It’s the wizarding world meets It’s a Wonderful Life, for ladies.)

Our magical movie studio is currently gathering fairy dust (raising money). We’d love any help we can get in that department! :) Anyway, here’s the teaser trailer to wet your whistles. This is a TEASER, meaning we have not gone into production yet… Meaning we have NOT raised the money yet… We are chasing those elusive leprechauns (deep-pocketed investors) and their crock of gold (interest in cool investments).

For those of you reading this in an email, here’s a link to the video:

Please join us on facebook and at


I’ve been shivering with glee early mornings as I continue to write the first novel my middle-grad sci-fi/fantasy series…

The Return of Magic

It should be finished early this year… and then off to some some exciting new adventures in the publishing world. It can’t be any crazier than the film distribution world, right? RIGHT? Here’s a little teaser-trailer for that…

For those of you reading this in email, here’s a link to the video:


Last Stop - TDurham - movie posterEndless otherworldly tales continue to bubble away in my top secret cauldrons. I hope to go into production on a new sci-fi thriller or action flick sometime soon. Here is some teaser art for one of my favorite new projects…

Well, stay in touch.  The world needs mighty, interesting stories. Will we’ll cross light sabers at a Con near you?  Shall I brainwash your wonderfully nerdy kid at Teen Author Boot Camp? Maybe so.

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