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Tom the director acting like a nut on set, wearing a Star Trek shirt his kids made for him.

Growing up, Tom moved around quite a bit, splitting time between Middle Earth, Tatooine, and the Enterprise. Some of his early successes include the defeat of the goblin hordes by his D&D character “Sir Thomas the Green Glowing Knight,” and his directorial debut—a scintillating fan film featuring special effects he made on his Amiga.

ultimate trek

95ers movie poster.


His storytelling craft slowly improved, and now people actually pay him to write, produce, and direct all kinds of stuff for big screens and little screens.  He wins lots of awards, and even snagged a couple of Emmy nods.  (Head over here to learn more about Tom’s productions.)  His epic indie sci-fi film, 95ers, is in worldwide distribution and has a cultishly growing international audience, including more than a few time travelers.

Tom has been the subject of media coverage and even a documentary about his experiences as a filmmaking (extraterrestrial) family man.  He regularly speaks to student groups and other audiences about storytelling, goal achievement, the film industry, and the impact of media on families.

And of course, he leads or participates in uber-geeky presentations on topics like Lovecraft, Tolkien, steampunk, Star Wars, Star Trek, old-school sci-fi & fantasy, C. S. Lewis, and what happens to people’s souls when they get “beamed.”  Hopefully he’ll get to do a presentation on the Gummi Bears some day soon.



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appearances 3As you can see on his website, he has a variety of book and movie projects in the works.  But his best stuff happens when he simply records the antics of his mutant children.

COMING SOON: The Pixie Perfect movie and The Return of Magic young adult fantasy novel.



Teen Author Bootcamp
April 11, 2015
Where Tom taught the next generation of authors the magical, mystical SECRET to finishing their books…  And it was super cool to hang out with other teachers there, like Brandon Sanderson!

SLC FanX Comic Con
January 2015
Performed as Galactus in “Choose  Your Own Apocalypse” with the Space Balrogs.

FM100.3 with Rebecca Cressman
Sunday, November 30th, 2014
Where Tom talked about the Christmas Carol connection with his film 95ers, as well has his mysterious new project…

Presenting on indie filmmaking.

Talking to illustration students about the power of collaboration.

Presenting on all kinds of things… with a focus on changing the world with sci-fi and fantasy. Plus a gutsy steampunk presentation!

Zillions of panels with authors and filmmakers, going nuts from Trek to Tolkien to time travel.

Speaking to students about moving into the “real world” of media. There are lots of jobs out there…

Sponsoring the film fest and presenting on fan collaboration.

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    We’ll give you Brother Tang.

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      How wise you are, Terwilliger. Where I am, Brother Tang is always lurking nearby, ready to pounce on any would-be attackers. (Brother Tang was an infamous role playing character from my youth for those of you who don’t know, which of course is almost all of you. Unless the infamous dice-throwing incident involving said character has been declassified.)

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